Lari White Passes Away At 52

It is with great sadness to report that one of the Master Teachers from The Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project at Northwestern University, Lari White, passed away on January 23, 2018.  She was an award-winning recording artist, hit songwriter and producer, indie record label owner, and actress. Our condolences go out to her family and friends.

Yesterday, Lari’s mother composed a special message titled “Lari’s Rain Walk”.

Lari wanted to go home to the Holler to be with Chuck and their three amazing children … She was able to do that over the weekend, still on Hospice Care. She asked for two kinds of days: A Sunny Day, and a Rainy Day.

…The Sabbath Day broke in the Holler with sunlight streaming through the windows, lighting up the very special sunflower arrangement for Lari on her dresser…She had a day surrounded by an abundance of Love and Care, in her own bed, her own home she loved so.

…Monday she awoke to the sound of rain on her roof, a sound she always loved. (When Lari was about 4, she was taking a walk down the sidewalk with her little umbrella, in the rain. One of our older neighbors came out to check on her, asking if I knew she was doing that, and Lari replied: “Oh yes!  My Mother allows me to take Rain Walks!”…and I did!.. The rest of her Life, we always laughed about “Lari’s Rain Walks”.

…When I awoke, hearing the same rain on our roof, I said to God:  “Today Lari might take her Rain Walk”.

…Last night all her Family-of-Origin circled round her bed, saying our goodbyes to Lari, loving her, praying, sending her messages of support and gratitude. Her Dad gave her his loving foot massage.  Chuck and their three children joined with us, and it was such a comfort to all of us to be “Together Again” around Lari.

…Chuck and their children bathed her in the same love and care all night long they have given to her for four months.  At 4:44 this morning, Lari peacefully took her “Rain Walk”…

…On Sunday, Chuck sent each of us in Lari’s family some of his beautiful words of comfort, and I treasure these he wrote to me:  “I thought of you letting your first-born go, and knowing there is no such thing as ‘Letting Go’…Just some words we say to describe something hearts don’t do”… Thank you for this, Chuck, but thank you more for “being there” for her and, for cherishing her and holding her, and for you and Lari teaching 3 special children the strength and love to “be there” with you…for her.

..Those words are true.  This Mother’s Heart… her Father’s heart… will Never “let her go”…How could I?  Nor will her brother and sister…nor any of her family… and the vast number of friends who loved her so dearly.  But I think I have found a better way to keep Lari in my heart…and that is to Give my Heart away to others every day God lets me live on this Earth without her… to try to do a better job of “Living” Christ’s message, as our precious daughter did, of unconditional Love, forgiveness, kindness, and Amazing Grace.

…That powerful, soul-stirring voice is introducing a new level of singing “Amazing Grace” today…and Heaven is a better Place…just as this broken world was mended by Lari’s Love.  Lord, I give her permission to do her Rain Walks…until I can walk with her again.

…Lari, I will always Love you with All my Heart … Your grateful Mother.

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