Margaret Whiting

July 22, 1924 – January 10, 2011
Ginger Mercer’s personal choice to continue her work in Johnny’s spirit, Margaret Whiting met Johnny Mercer when she was twelve years old. After coming to Hollywood in the mid-1930s, Johnny started to write songs with her father, Richard Whiting — songs like “Hooray for Hollywood” and “Too Marvelous for Words.” When Margaret’s father died two years later, Johnny became her mentor and best friend. He taught her the joy of singing and he signed her to her first record contract with his own company, Capitol Records. Throughout their remarkable careers, Johnny always found time to advise Margaret, both personally and professionally. He was a true and loyal friend, funny and dear.

He was always there to guide me and make me laugh. His passion for living rubbed off on me, and every time I stand in front of an audience and sing, part of my song is for Johnny.”
-Margaret Whiting

Miss Whiting was one of the great interpreters of the American popular song. She made over 500 records, 60 albums and had twelve million “sellers” in her words. She was an award-winning New York cabaret and Broadway star.

Johnny Mercer discovered Margaret Whiting, and Margaret spent the rest of her life celebrating his.

Margaret passed away on January 10, 2011 at the age of 86 from natural causes.

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