Board of Directors

Johnny Mercer leaning against a fire hydrant reading a newspaper.

Board Officers

John D. Marshall
Chairperson of the Board & President

Jonathan Brielle
Executive Vice President

Jeanne Roccon Rohm
Executive Vice President

Susan M. Ballati

Neil J. Gillis

Frank P. Scardino
Executive Director

Board Members

Michael Price

Dianne S. Thurman

Alan Bergman

Michael Kerker

Charles Tigerman

Kevin S. Fleming


Elizabeth “Ginger” M. Mercer
Elizabeth’s bio

Former Presidents/Chairperson

Margaret Whiting
Founding President

Joe Harris
Former Chairperson of the Board


Robert Kimball

Patrick Latorre

Bob Fead

Amanda McBroom

Help us carry out Johnny’s legacy

Johnny Mercer on the telephone.