16th Annual Songwriters Project Participants Announced!

The 16th annual Johnny Mercer Foundation Songwriters Project participants have been announced! There were an unprecedented number of applications this year (over 200) from which these 16 songwriters and songwriting duos were chosen. These talented individuals will spend a week (June 20th – 26th) attending virtual master classes and workshops led by Tony and Grammy Award-nominated teachers. They will also have an opportunity to showcase their work in a virtual concert currently slated for July.

The chosen participants are: Arie Abija (Richmond, VA); Charlotte Morris (Nashville, TN); é boylan (New York, NY); Enid Mollel (Arusha, Tanzania); J. Quinton Johnson (Athens, TX); Jasmine Forsberg (New York, NY); Jordan Reynolds (Los Angeles, CA); Nakeem (Reynolds, GA); Michael Shofi (Jersey City, NJ); Sofie Zamchick (New York, NY); and songwriting duos Barrett Riggins (Brooklyn, NY) and Graham Techler (Brooklyn, NY); Jude Obermüller (Brighton, England) and David Gomez (Lenexa, KS); and Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz (Glendale, CA) and Emma Lockwood (Orlando, FL).

You can read the full announcement here.
You can find out more about the participants here.